Recoil Air Hose with Rapid Fittings

PU/PE Recoil Air Hose is made from a special super tough Polyurethane compound for consistent performance. These hoses provide you with the highest quality and the most extensive offering of recoil hoses in the industry. Finest polyurethane material is used which provides maximum resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. Their low weight in comparison to regular PVC and rubber hoses makes them a favorite for all industrial, construction and automotive applications. Our recoil air hoses come standard with 1/4 inch Swivel MNPT end connections on both ends. The swivel ends are perfect in preventing kinks when attaching an air-powered tool. These Polyurethane recoil hoses bear great abrasion, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, oil, electrical and chemical resistance. The polyurethane construction also resists weather, ozone, and heat damage, does not cause marring to sensitive surfaces, and weighs less than hoses made of other materials. This recoil air hose is suitable for industrial, contractor, or household use with air compressors, nailers, sprayers, and staple guns, among other pneumatic tools.

 Product Conscutions :

■ Cover  &  Tube:  Special super tougn Polyurethane or  PE material

  Product Features :

■ Lightweight and durable premium grade polyurethane or PE

■ Abrasion, oil, grease and corrosion resistant

■ Retains flexibility in all weather conditions

■ Superior stretch and recoil memory, extends to 25 times its stored length

■ Self-coiling hose with small bend radius makes for easy storage

■ Space-saving design is perfect for home workshops or garages

■ Temperature Range:  14°F (-10°C) to 150°F (60°C)

■ 150 PSI working pressure, 600 PSI bursting pressure

■ Nickle plated Euro type rapid fittings on both ends

■ Spring guards on each end to protect fittings from damage,and keep hose from kinking near fitting.

 Product Choices :

 PU/PE Recoil Air Hose is available in wide variety of LengthsSizesColors and Fittings to meet all your needs

※ Air Hose with Accessory Kits are available


Item No.
Hose I.D.
Hose Length
Working Pressure
150 psi
Euro Type Rapid Fittings
150 psiEuro Type Rapid Fittings
150 psiEuro Type Rapid Fittings
150 psiEuro Type Rapid Fittings
150 psiEuro Type Rapid Fittings
150 psiEuro Type Rapid Fittings

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